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At that moment when the last box gets unloaded, there is a feeling of accomplishment and relief. The move is finally over, and all that’s left is for you to unpack and settle in your new home. But don’t think it’s the end just yet! You still have a mountain of boxes left at home, just sitting around with no real purpose. You might have used the packing service NYC movers offer in order to move faster. But now that you are on your own, you realize that there is more to moving than it seems.  But don’t worry if you are wondering what to do with empty boxes after a move, we can help you!

What to do with empty boxes after a move – Give them away to someone you know

Keeping all of the boxes is actually a bad idea. But throwing them away into your garbage could be even worse. Instead, you can choose to give them away to someone that needs them. Just casually throwing them away after moving is quite disrespectful. Hence you can just pass them on to someone else that needs them. There is a high chance that someone you know is moving, and you can be a lifesaver for them by providing them with boxes.

A woman looking up what to do with empty boxes on her laptop
Many people look online for answers to what to do with empty boxes question!

You can even go a step further and recommend good moving and storage NYC companies. You can ask your friends/colleagues and tell them you are looking to give away your cardboard boxes in exchange for nothing. If your friends are not interested and you still don’t know what to do with empty boxes after a move you can list them online for free!

Give them away online

Well if your friends don’t need your boxes and you don’t know what to do with empty boxes after a move there are still more choices left. One of them is selling or giving them away online. We live in the age of the internet. As everything is available in online stores, why are you surprised that your boxes can be sold here too? Depending on where you move or what sites you choose the price can warry. But you can consider Facebook marketplace or even Craigslist.

A woman selling boxes online
You can make a little bit of money by selling boxes.

Although you don’t need to sell them but can give them away, sometimes selling them makes you a little money. And after moving especially if it was a case where the move was not planned and you called last minute movers NYC residents recommend. Even a little money goes a long way.

Recycle leftover moving boxes

So by now, we made sure that throwing boxes are not the right choice. But at the same time, no one wants to take them or even buy them. So what to do with empty boxes after a move? Sometimes during the move boxes can even be ripped or get damaged. So the option of recycling the boxes is the best one by far. I mean they are damaged. That by itself means they can’t be used anymore. You still can keep some that are in good shape or give them to someone that’s using residential movers NYC in order to move. But the damaged ones are useless anyway.

boxes during recycling
The most eco-friendly choice you have is to recycle the boxes.

First, you will need to flatten these boxes and then give them to recycling centers in your city.  If you live close to a factory that recycles paper and cardboard or you pass by one on your way to work, it won’t hurt to take your stack of boxes and deliver them for recycling. As long as you are not recycling cardboard for other purposes, cardboard’s carbon substances allow it to decay within a matter of time. If the environmental conditions are good, some boxes can be composed in the span of two months.


If none of these methods are not working for you, or you are not willing to spend any more time trying to get rid of it, maybe you should consider something different and new. These card boxes have other practical purposes as well which you may not be able to see. With small kids in the house, you can use it for creative purposes. Who doesn’t need a big castle?! Boxes can become beautiful play forts for the little ones. Let their imagination run wild and create the best-ever fortress to exceed even your kids’ wildest dreams. This would be their playground for weeks!

Kids playing with boxes
There is no doubt that your kids will enjoy playing with empty boxes!

On the other hand, if you are still wondering what to do with empty boxes after a move then we have more answers. These cardboard boxes will serve as the most useful storage containers. There are many items you don’t use on daily bases. Or even some that are not as useful as they were in the past. So even after moving with the help of commercial movers NYC you still keep those items in boxes. And the boxes proved themselves to be good storage containers!

Stylish boxes? Why are you trying to find new purposes for them? They are boxes so use them as such. A nice-looking storage box can cost you quite a bit, but have you considered the option of making your own for free? You see you can get in touch with your inner artists and DIY the perfect box you always wished for! Grab the size of the box you like, and if needed cut it down to the depth you need. There are so many! Decorate the box with pretty fabrics or wrapping paper or you can even use some old pieces of clothing you no longer wear. For handles, if you’d like any, you can cut out some holes where you need them or use twine or old belts to create a little loop.


What to do with empty boxes? Well, you can donate them. Many organizations use them in order to store items. And as such, they are in constant need of them. So why not contact one of them and ask if they want them? People that work in this field would make very good use of cardboard boxes. Especially if the boxes are heavy-duty ones. Also, places like community centers, libraries, churches, et, can also use these boxes effectively as they can store big and heavy items easily. The Furniture Bank is one of the charities that might be interested.

A worker checking inventory
Ask your moving company for advice about the boxes, after moving.

You never know how you can use boxes again or you can come to aid anyone else in need. If you are struggling hard to figure out what to do with these empty boxes, then you can ask experts from Teddy Moving and Storage NYC. You can expect proper guidance from well-experienced people that are in the business of moving, and could provide additional suggestions in regard to packing services, moving supplies including heavy-duty blankets, and more! Additionally, you can hire their services for packing and unpacking, and save yourself from the pain of handling empty boxes after the move. Even though card boxes, like a lot of paper-based products, are made in paper mills, that doesn’t mean it is totally environmentally friendly. Remember that proper disposal of your moving boxes is a must and you cannot ignore it.

The removal company or Furniture Retailer

The removal company in some cases can be interested in helping you remove your empty boxes. Removal companies are usually curious about cardboard boxes and whether they’re still in good shape. Because they could use them for future customers that are moving house and need boxes. But apparently, if they’re in bad shape, it’s highly unlikely they will want to take them away for you. This is one of the good answers on what to do with empty boxes.

If you bought some furniture after moving and are having it delivered, the vendor may offer a recycling method or cardboard box removal service for the boxes.  It’s best to get in touch with your retailer and ask them if this is something they offer before the delivery. If you don’t ask you may end up disappointed if the delivery driver refuses to take away your cardboard boxes on the day.

Choose a method that suits you the most!

When asking yourself what to do with empty boxes, the real question is what do you want? Are you interested in giving them away, selling them, using them for storage, or decorating them? Or maybe you are looking for other ways to make them disappear. But you have many options at your disposal, and most of them are free. Some even pay you! So be responsible and don’t throw away boxes, instead use them for something or find someone who will want them.