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Relocation of any type can be quite difficult and overwhelming. There are always some sensitive items that you need to take good care of. What also falls into this category is when you need to move an art gallery to Manhattan. Art galleries usually hold fragile items and this is one of the most complex tasks for all movers as well. In addition, it is not possible to handle this process on your own as there would be too much risk of damaging something. For this reason, you should hire Teddy Moving and Storage company to help you with this relocation. Think about all the paintings, sculptures, photographs, or other items that need to go safely over the streets of Manhattan. All these items have great value and you need expert advice on how to handle this. Read this article and discover some useful relocation tips for art galleries.

Packing paintings to move an art gallery to Manhattan

Together with sculptures and installations, paintings can be some of the most difficult items to pack for transportation.

a multicolored painting
You have to prepare well to move an art gallery to Manhattan

Depending on their size and shape, you need to have proper packing materials to make this successful. Before you start packing, make sure to make an inventory list both for you and your movers. Fine art movers NYC need to know exactly which items and how many of them you plan to relocate. First of all, check if a painting or a photo has a front cover glass. In that case, you have to cover it with either bubble wrap or some packing paper. Take a piece of cardboard to cover the glass part before you wrap it up. This is the best way to ensure that it will not break. To protect the frame, use a lot of bubble wrap to protect the edges.

Moving on to canvas art pieces

It is different when you need to pack a painting with a glass cover from the one with only a canvas. Remember that paintings can be very sensitive and that the color may fall off if you do not handle this properly. Before you start wrapping things up, the paintings need to undergo a conservatory process by a skilled person. The best way is to use some quality mushroom bubble wrap to prevent sticking to the paint. When movers Manhattan arrive to pick them up, you need to protect the canvas with additional padding. Paddings and fillers will ensure that you can put the paintings either in boxes or directly at the bottom of the moving truck. If you put the paintings in boxes, make sure to put lots of fillings between each one of them to prevent bumping and damage.

How to pack sculptures and installations

Installations and sculptures can be even harder to pack when you need to move an art gallery to Manhattan. Sculptures usually come in various sizes and shapes.

packing white sculptures for a move an art gallery to Manhattan
Pay extra attention when packing sculptures

If you cannot disassemble them, you need to find a way how to pack each one of them properly. If you can disassemble sculptures, then it will make the packing and transportation process much easier. In addition, consider using storage services NYC to store away all the pieces that you will not use immediately. You should apply the same procedure for disassembling installations. No matter how small or big they are, it would be much easier to safely pack and transport them if they are not in one piece. You can use crates with special designs to store away all the pieces instead of using simple cardboard boxes. Also, remember to label all the parts to know where they belong to.

How to handle 3D art

Another great packing challenge represents 3D art pieces and shadow boxes. Remember that there is no such thing as an extra precaution when packing such sensitive items. Especially when it comes to packing these which can be even more complex than paintings or sculptures. If you have a contemporary art gallery that holds such unusual 3D pieces then you need to carefully approach this task. Packing services may come in handy for packing the entire inventory if you feel that you are not skillful enough to process this. In case you wish to go DIY, then make sure to pack them horizontally rather than vertically. Also, it will be useful to use lots of padding when putting the pieces in boxes. If you need to, you can use some ropes to put some pieces together and avoid bumping and rattling.

Take extra care when you need to move an art gallery to Manhattan

All the art pieces usually have a monetary value. If you do not have enough experience, skills, or tools to pack things up, then you should let professionals handle this for you.

broken vase pieces
You need to buy additional insurance coverage in case of a damage

This way you will reduce the chances that something bad may happen to your art pieces. Also, every moving company will provide at least some basic insurance coverage. It is advisable to buy extra insurance coverage when it comes to transporting art pieces. Remember also that everything you pack on your own you need to properly label as fragile. Then, explain to your movers what each of the boxes contain, so they can place it in the right position in the moving truck. Finally, your movers may decide to split the cargo into several shipments to provide greater protection for your goods.

When you have to move an art gallery to Manhattan, it is vital to protect all your items. No matter how small some pieces are, or seem easy to pack, you need to give it extra precaution before putting things into the transporting truck. Some pieces you will not be able to put in conventional boxes, nor pack them yourself. In this case, you will need to consider hiring professional packers to make the whole process much safer and easier. Remember that some damages can be irrefutable so make sure to provide the best possible treatment for your art pieces. Soon you will start decorating your new Manhattan art gallery with your precious pieces.