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Everyone knows that relocating is awfully stressful. It’s very important to take some time for yourself after a move. That way you can enjoy settling into your home even more. Now that you’ve successfully moved with the help of professional movers NYC, it’s time to unwind. However, how does one relax in a city that never sleeps? Fear not as it’s quite easy to find relaxing spots in Manhattan. Parks, libraries, spas, art galleriesManhattan has it all! In this article we’ll go over some of the best ways to relax in Manhattan!

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to relax in Manhattan

Despite being named the concrete jungle, NYC has many stunning nature spots you can visit. Manhattan in particular has a large number of world-renowned parks. Many New Yorkers spend their free-time relaxing, hiking and having picnics at these parks. Now that one of the best Manhattan residential movers made you a New Yorker as well, it’s time to head to one of these parks and spend a relaxing afternoon in the sun!

Central Park NYC
NYC is home to some of the best parks in the world with Central Park being one of the most famous ones

Central Park

Everybody’s heard of Central Park. This renowned park located in Manhattan was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. The park influenced the development of urban parks nationwide and is thought of as a masterpiece of landscape architecture. There are many sides of Central Park worth visiting, it’s hard to choose just one side as they all deserve to be visited. You can enjoy the stunning scenic views Central Park offers and also relax with your friends and family by taking a relaxing walk or a picnic. If you’d like to always be near Central Park, call local movers Manhattan to make that happen as soon as possible!

The High Line

One of the most unique parks in NYC was once a rail track, which went out of use in 1980. Now the urban park features art installations, incredible views of New York’s skyline, greenery and much more. Be sure to bring your best camera to catch the best views of NYC here in The High Line!

Visiting an art gallery is the best way to relax in Manhattan for art lovers

So many incredible artists and art lovers have moved to Manhattan with the help of residential movers NYC, you can also be one of them! If you enjoy creating art or just appreciating it, be sure to visit Manhattan’s art galleries. They are all unique and worth visiting.

Here’s a list of some of the best art galleries you can see in Manhattan:

  • Heller Gallery
  • Talwar Gallery
  • Neue Galerie New York
  • Curt Marcus Gallery
  • Franklin 54 Gallery

Treat yourself to a spa day as a way to relax in Manhattan

This is an option for those who want to spend a bit more money on having a relaxing day. However, you should never feel bad for splurging on spas as they are not only relaxing, but also quite good for your health. There are numerous health benefits to having a spa day – relieving aches, helping with respiratory conditions and much more. Although the move must have been way less stressful thanks to movers Manhattan, you still need to give yourself a well-deserved break in one of Manhattan’s incredible spas!

woman at spa saloon, trying to relax in Manhattan
Contrary to popular belief, spending a day at a spa is neither a waste of money nor time and it’s a perfect way to relax in Manhattan

Shibui Spa at The Greenwich Hotel

Shibui Spa is located on the basement level of the famous Greenwich Hotel. The spa is inspired by “the philosophy of balance“, which means they operate with a mix of traditional and modern elements. The facility has five treatment rooms, a Japanese soaking tub and most loved by the customers, a lantern-lit heated swimming pool. They also offer Pilates and private yoga sessions. Apart from that, you can also get massages, facials, soaks, body treatment and much more!

The Spa by Equinox Hotels

Situated in the prestigious Equinox Hotels, this spa offers a luxurious treatment to every customer. Apart from the incredibly equipped facilities, they also offer incredible services. Not only can you get massages, facials, acupunctures and more – you also get access to their infrared sauna and cryotherapy as a part of their temperature therapy circuit. NutriDrip IV drips, quantum harmonics sessions and skin therapies are also a part of their repertoire.

Visiting a library is a quiet and peaceful way to relax in Manhattan

Manhattan has a large number of unique and high-quality libraries. So, if you want to spend your day relaxing in peace and quiet with a good book in hand, be sure to visit one of these Manhattan’s libraries!

library in Manhattan
Whether you want to do research, study or simply relax with your favorite book, Manhattan’s libraries are definitely worth visiting

New York Public Library Main Branch – Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

The New York Public Library Main Branch is one of the most famous locations of the vast library system. The building used to be known as the Central Building, its main entrance is located on the 5th Avenue, opposite East 41st Street. Nowadays, it’s mostly referred to as the Main Branch or New York Public Library. So many researchers, scholars and writers spend their time within these walls. Be sure to check it out if you’re in need of a quiet space.

Tompkins Square Library

Aside from NYPL’s main branch we also have The Tompkins Square Library. It’s the most prominent NYPL branch located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The library has a three-story space and sixteen-foot ceilings. It also offers a spacious room for children, which is great if you’re looking to relax but have nowhere to leave your little one.

It seems that there are actually places you can find some peace and quiet in a city that never sleeps. Whether you’re a fan of prestigious spas, or you wish to sit with a book and enjoy your day, there are many options for you to choose from. Hopefully, our article has helped you find some appropriate ways to relax in Manhattan! Now it’s time to go ahead and book a spa day or take a relaxing hike in one of Manhattan’s parks. Enjoy destressing!