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Summer holidays are fantastic and popular time to relocate, allows for smooth transition for your kids to transfer schools, the office time is generally quieter and getting time off can be little easier allowing for better planning of your move. However, choosing a right moving company during this time, especially if you need one at short notice, can be harder than usual.

As you prepare to move in the summer months, we have put together a list of tips that you should consider.

Extreme temperatures

It is hot in summer and although it is an obvious statement, high temperatures have an impact on your moving in New York City. Packing and carrying boxes is physical work, and this can be hard for you or your move team when it is hot. Remember to wear appropriate clothing during your move. The best types of clothing are items that are light weight, loose fit and breathable.

In the week leading up to moving day, make sure you have prepared your schedule. Check what time the moving crew are due to arrive, make sure you’ve packed everything that has been contracted on your inventory and inform your moving company if there is any extra to be moved or you need extra packing boxes, double check your arrangements for childcare or pet sitters, prepare your car if it is a cross-country move. Set aside a box with your summer essentials. These could include plenty of water and cold drinks, a fresh change of clothes, sunscreen, toiletries and high energy drinks/snacks for you and your moving crew.

Moving with children

For many families, the summer is the only time of the year that they can take any significant time off to plan a house move. If the move has been poorly planned than it can quickly become far more hectic than it should be. On the moving day, there can be a lot of chaos and stress which affect children and pets more than adults because their routine is disturbed.

If you have children in school, it is the best to base your move around school calendar. Summer is ideal as it provides good six to seven weeks where they can say goodbye to friends, adjust to the idea of moving and then adopt to their new surroundings prior to starting school again. They will be much better prepared for new school year if they have had a chance to think of their new house as ‘’home’’ before embarking on the new school year, making new friends etc.

Utilise your teenage children! While younger children might need managing or looking after by relative, while older children can help you with some of the lighter or easier tasks around the house.

Choose the moving date wisely

You won’t be the only one planning your house move during summer months and it’s highly likely that many moving companies will be booked up for most of the summer. When moving during the peak season, don’t make mistake of procrastinating and putting things off till the end because it can cause delays, unavailability of resources/items and other problems. Make sure to start searching for reliable and reputed moving companies near you early and book movers in as much in advance as possible.

Weekends and Fridays should be avoided since they are by far the busiest and most requested times for moving companies and this time of the year even more, as everyone is keen to get in and settle over the weekend to avoid disruptions with obligations to work and school. A weekend rates tend to be higher also, as are the associated costs for renting crates, storage space and truck hire.

And it is not just demand for moving companies – your solicitors and estate agents will also be busier on a Friday than any other day of week, meaning you are more likely to encounter problems with any financial transaction and paperwork on this day. If you can, try and schedule your move at the beginning or middle of week – especially if you are on tight budget as there is more margin for negotiation with moving company over a mid- week move. If you have absolutely no choice but to move on a Friday, then book everything early and make sure you have notified your bank and utility companies of the move well in advance to ensure some peace of mind.


One of the best ways to lessen the cost of the move is to declutter your house to get rid of things that are broken, obsolete or have not been used for over one year. If you are worried about price when obtaining quotes, then a great money saving tip is to make sure you have had a thorough declutter and sort out around the house before you start gathering quotes – less stuff to move not only reduce the price but makes packing and unpacking quicker and easier and also makes the house looks great for any last viewings you might have at this stage. Less clutter means you can have a fresh start in your new home!

Moving during summer that is a peak season can be overwhelming, demanding, and stressful wheatear you are moving for the first time or have moved before. Most of us have factors to consider such as kids, wives/husbands, jobs, schools and whole host of other reasons why move date is often dictated to us, rather than decided by us. Therefore, by planning everything, booking moving companies in New York early, decluttering your house and following the expert tips mentioned above you can ensure your moving process is managed swiftly, on time and smoothly. For more moving tips and advice get in touch with a Teddy Moving and Storage to speak to one of our experts directly.


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