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Moving to a new apartment is always exciting. But what if you’ve just moved to a new place in NYC, and it’s colder than you like? While all building owners are obliged by law to maintain a certain temperature during the heating season (Oct 1st – May 31st), not all of them do. Luckily, there are plenty of tips for heating your NYC apartment quickly and efficiently! As local moving experts from Teddy Moving and Storage advise, all you need is some handy tips, and your place will be warm and cozy in no time.

Heating your NYC apartment is easy with some simple hacks

Getting your apartment to warm up can sometimes be tricky, but not if you know some valuable tips. Some of the best tips and tricks come from local movers in NYC. However, if you find your new place unusually cold, check if the heaters work properly or if your landlord skimps the heating. Here are some easy and quick ways to heat your new apartment if it’s currently too cold for you:

  • insulate doors and windows
  • get area rugs and heavy drapes
  • use space heaters
  • use your oven
  • get heating pads and electric blankets

Insulate doors and windows

One of the main reasons why some apartments are cold and drafty, especially in old buildings, is that the heat is escaping through holes in the windows or under the door. If you think that windows don’t have holes, you’re right. However, some AC units are installed on windows, leaving small gaps where cold air can come through. Filling those gaps with insulating foam strips, covering the AC with fabric, or removing the unit and keeping the window closed for the winter is the easiest solution. If you don’t know how to remove the AC unit safely, make sure to call your landlord to help you.

If the warm air is escaping under your doors, that’s an easy fix. You can put some blankets or towels or even buy a draft blocker. Draft blockers are affordable and weighted, so they are a great alternative if you don’t have any extra towels or you find blankets too bulky to put under the doors.

area rug is a good way of heating your NYC apartment
Area rugs and thick drapes can be very effective in heating your NYC apartment.

Get area rugs and heavy drapes

Make your new apartment warmer and decorate it at the same time by getting some heavy drapes and area rugs. Heavy drapes will successfully prevent any heat from escaping through the windows. They also look fashionable, and you can choose beautiful yet thick thermal fabrics.

Some of the best residential movers NYC offers advise that you get area rugs as a simple yet effective heating hack. Since a cold floor can significantly cool the apartment, putting an area rug to cover the floors can make the place feel notably warmer. If you don’t want to buy expensive rugs and you prefer the look of wooden floors, simply get some cheap ones to help heat the apartment during winter and then store them once the weather gets warm.

Use space heaters

Another easy fix for a cold apartment is to use space heaters. They are affordable, convenient, and light, so you can easily transfer them from one room to another. The only downside is that once they’re off, your place will get cold again quickly. Regardless, space heaters are a pretty cost-effective solution.

However, be careful with them since they can be a fire hazard. Even last minute movers NYC residents trust advise that you never leave your heater on while no one is home. Also, ensure that you keep it safe from any furniture, drapes, or anything else flammable.

two women warming up their hands
Space heaters are amazing at keeping your hands and feet warm and toasty.

Put your oven to work

Call some friends or family over and make dinner together. Turning on your stove and oven is one of the simplest and fastest ways of heating your New York City apartment. Not only will your place be warmer instantly, but you’ll also get to spend quality time with your friends or family. Another great thing is that you can cook some meals you like and even meal prep for the week if you have the time. You’ll see how much warmer the apartment will be!

Get electric blankets and heating pads

You can always get heating pads and electric blankets to warm up if you’re not in the mood for cooking or hanging out with friends. While they won’t heat the apartment per se, you will certainly feel warmer and cozier. Sometimes, a regular blanket is not enough to keep you warm during harsh winters in New York City. An electric blanket or a heating pad can help keep your hands and feet nice and toasty when it’s freezing outside, and your apartment is chilly. However, remember to use them cautiously to avoid burns or fire hazards.

a dog under a blanket
Electric blankets are great when regular blankets just aren’t enough.

Enjoy a warm NYC apartment with our hacks

Winters in New York City can be cruel, so keeping your apartment warm is essential. If you’re having trouble with the heating after moving to a new place, there are plenty of easy ways to warm up the space or yourself in minutes. Try these tips for heating your NYC apartment, and never be cold again. Something as simple as cooking a meal can significantly contribute to heating a large space easily. Or, if you’re not a fan of cooking, get a space heater. However, always keep your safety in mind when getting space heaters, heating pads, electric blankets, or anything else that can cause a fire!