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New York City apartment rentals come with their own set of challenges. Especially if you decide to go for a studio apartment. Small NYC flats may require some sacrifices, but the decor isn’t one of them. It can be difficult decorating a Manhattan studio apartment in a way that is functional and not crammed or to add character in a way that doesn’t scream chaos. You can create a living space that looks as polished as it is petite by incorporating small apartment decorating ideas that we set up for you.

Challenges of decorating a smaller apartment

There are many advantages to renting a small apartment – lower rent, closer proximity to busy downtown areas, and a certain charm that cannot be replaced. It depends on how you decorate, though. Typically, people fall prey to the misconception that functionality should take precedence over design when dealing with tiny apartments. This opinion couldn’t be more incorrect. Even if you live in a small apartment, you don’t have to sacrifice style.

Small studio apartment in Manhattan
Even If you chose to go for a smaller apartment, you can make it your own by following tips and tricks while decorating it

To create a space that you’ll be happy living in for a long time, you must find the right balance between the two. It is important to choose items for your home that fit your needs while showcasing your personality. When you moved, your movers Manhattan probably stored half of your stuff as you decide to downgrade. See how to live large in a small apartment, even if you think it’s difficult to decorate it. The challenges of renting an apartment in the Big Apple are unique but decorating it is even a bigger optical. Studio apartments can be the perfect little living spaces if you set them up correctly. The following are some tips to help you decorate your NYC studio.

Tips for decorating a Manhattan studio apartment

There are a lot of things you can do for your studio apartment to make it your own and beautiful. You will find plenty of tips, but make sure to rely on your own taste and liking. For an easier approach, here are a couple of musts when you start decorating.

  • divide your rooms by using rugs
  • decorating a Manhattan studio apartment includes furniture downsize
  • try to enlighten your room
  • find extra space below your bed
  • use ceiling to floor curtains

To categorize items on tables, we always recommend using trays. When it comes to your studio apartment, you can use this technique basically the same way. Rugs can be used as “trays” to separate different areas: dining, living, bedroom, etc. If you decided to relocate using Manhattan residential movers, you must have thought about downsizing your furniture as well. Purchase smaller furniture pieces. If you don’t need a full sofa, opt for a love seat instead.

Great use of space while decorating a Manhattan studio apartment
Be creative and make the most out of your space

When it comes to lighting up your rooms, we found some nifty tricks. If you would rather use a wall lamp than a floor lamp or a table lamp, consider a wall lamp. A roundup of the best wall lamps found at Apartment Therapy won’t require you to rewire your apartment’s electricity (especially if you are a renter). Studio apartments tend to be on the smaller side. For an instant storage boost, put your bed on bed risers. You should hang your curtains as far up as they can go instead of at the top of your window. This technique creates an illusion of height, making your room appear taller.

Mirrors and colors to use when decorating a Manhattan studio apartment

A mirror is one of the most popular decorating ideas for small apartments, and with good reason – they bounce light around the room and make it appear bigger and brighter. Mirrors and lacquered accents should be hung on the wall, leaned on the floor, and sprinkled throughout the space. Reflective surfaces help make your space feel more spacious and bright. Our next advice is to play with color. If your local movers NYC settle you in, go shopping for some color statement items. If you love color, feel free to use it – as long as you stick to a limited color scheme. It may take a bit of courage, but we love colorful furniture in a small bedroom – they make it feel like a comfortable cocoon.

Colorful sofa and a coffee table
Don’t be afraid to use a pop of color when decorating a Manhattan studio apartment

More advice on enhancing the decore of your studio apartment

As we previously stated, there are many tips and tricks on how to decorate your apartment. This process might take a while, but don’t be afraid. Even professionals make mistakes. Good thing is, none of these tips will “break the bank”.

Get a large rug and play with scales

Although it might seem unreasonable, a large rug will make your room seem larger, while a small rug will — well, you get the idea. Don’t be afraid of bold colors or patterns, and choose a rug large enough to fit all the furniture in your room. A graphic rug can anchor the room to give it a more homey feel. As with rugs, don’t limit yourself to small pieces of furniture. If possible, include at least one statement piece of furniture while avoiding cluttering up the room. A streamlined settee like this one would go nicely in a small living room with an overhead chandelier. So, before you relocate, think of some big items you already have that will become a new statement piece in your new studio apartment, and make sure that your movers NYC settle them if your new place first!

Find multipurpose furniture

Consider pieces that can serve more than one purpose, such as an ottoman that serves as a coffee table and a chest of drawers that can also serve as a TV stand. You can store linens and other bedroom essentials in under-bed drawers, saving you closet space and shelf space. When decorating a Manhattan studio apartment, you can save money by following these tips.  It’s not necessary to use every piece of furniture all the time. For example, use your dining table as your work desk, or get a wall-mounted desk that can fold easily.