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When deciding to move away from Manhattan, there are bound to be things you will miss about Manhattan when moving long-distance. A long-distance move is always pretty stressful and can take up a lot of your time. But with quality service and help you can still enjoy your time in Manhattan before moving away. Be careful who you entrust your moving process to! We at Teddy Moving and Storage NYC would like to present some of the things you will miss about Manhattan. Why? So you can do them all before moving and make some of the best memories ever.

The energy

One of the first things you will notice after moving out of Manhattan is that you will miss the energy. Actually, the energy and fast-paced style of life might be one of the reasons you are moving. But, you will always miss it. Not many city’s offer infinite things to do and pleasant energy all around. NYC is one of the rarest cities that is always bustling and always full of life. A calmer life might be perfect for you, but a part of you will always miss the busy, busy life. Another thing about the energy is that because NYC is so diverse, you will miss all of the different communities. Rarely will you find a city that is such a judgment-free zone. Be sure to enjoy the energy before finally moving out of Manhattan.

A street in Manhattan
Manhattan is one of those places bursting with energy


When hiring Manhattan long distance movers to help you move out, you might notice what it is you are leaving behind. NYC is such a busy and lively city that it offers basically 24/7 services all around. Do you want fresh steak at 11 pm? Manhattan has quite a few options. Do you want to do all of your rounds and obligations in one go? Well, NYC is such that you can do exactly that. In a five to a seven-block radius, you can find anything you wish for. When moving you can forget how convenient your Manhattan lifestyle was. Just keep it in mind for your future destination. Whenever you feel like getting spoiled again, you can just visit your old neighborhood.


Next on our list of things you will miss about Manhattan when moving long-distance is the excitement! NYC never sleeps. And we mean never. Every single day you can find new interesting experiences to discover and choose from. There are many galleries to visit that change their exhibits weekly or monthly. New bars and restaurants open every second. Many festivals occur yearly and we can’t even begin to describe the huge night scene. Do you think you’ve visited many NYC clubs? You can rest assured you haven’t visited them all. Even just going out to do errands can bring about an interesting change in the course of your day. Even if you don’t enjoy the unexpected anymore, we can guarantee you’ll miss it.

A picture of a restaurant at night
Visit some restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit and treat yourself!

Before your movers Manhattan finish up the move, try something new! You will likely not visit too often as life can get busy very quickly. So take a chance and try something new.


You feel like going to get sushi. There are probably hundreds of places to choose from. Whenever you feel like your life has dulled, or you’ve entered into a routine, you can just take the subway to a completely different part of town. Chances are you won’t even have the time to tour the entirety of New York City or Manhattan for that matter. Make the most out of it before your move. The variety is so huge that you will have many new options to choose from. Do something a bit more out of your comfort zone. Just, make your last few days, weeks, or months of life in Manhattan the best possible.


If you’re someone who is more extroverted, you have surely noticed how New Yorkers tend to be on the friendly side. It’s not uncommon to start a conversation with a stranger and just have some fun. Especially in night’s out! Many Manhattan residents move in just for this experience alone. You are sure to have made some friends just out and about in the city. The amazing thing about New York is that everyone is constantly searching for genuine connections and friendships. But, they are also very open to communication and confident. So, making friends in NYC is the easiest thing. Even if you are simply greeted by a smile on the street from a stranger, it can make your day 10 times better.


The Big Apple is widely known as the place where anyone can make it. Entrepreneurs thrive in Manhattan due to the many different opportunities for connections. There is no place better to make long-lasting quality work connections than NYC. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, some of the biggest names in tech, marketing, sports, journalism, apparel, and many, many more are stationed in NYC. Since you’re hiring long distance movers NYC and moving to a new place, the opportunities might not interest you anymore. But, we urge you to try and make some work connections while you’re still enjoying Manhattan.

A woman googling things she will miss about Manhattan when moving long-distance
Keeping your connections from NYC can prove to be extremely useful in your future business life.

Green spaces

Even though New York is known as the concrete jungle, the city has managed to create some amazing green spaces. On almost every turn you can see a cute park that is well taken care of. For dog-owners or just people who enjoy the outdoors, this is an amazing addition to the otherwise very busy lifestyle. You can always go visit a new park and just enjoy the sun and fresh air. Who knows? Maybe your new destination will have more of a wilderness to offer.


We hope we covered some of the things you’ll miss about Manhattan when moving long-distance. Experience everything you’ve missed out on!