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Moving people occasionally face some objects that are quite hard to move. One of those objects is a vending machine. People usually have their places at their offices, although at times they find their way into people’s homes as well. Since they are heavy and clunky, many people decide to look for help. And the best packing service in NYC is a solution many people find in those circumstances. The easiest way to move a vending machine is to leave it to someone who has prior experience handling them. And only this way can you avoid damages and hazardous scenarios.

Why is moving a vending machine hard?

In order to move a vending machine people need additional help. As it’s not the first thing that you think about when moving it can be quite a challenge. Due to its size, weight and potential risks for all people involved it is recommended to ask for help! Not only the help of people you know but also experts. Being one of the moving companies NYC trusts means that your needs will be taken care of fully. When people see vending machines they don’t put much thought into thinking about how the machine came there, or how it works. And that is a completely normal reaction. They are not the ones maintaining and filling them. So it’s quite normal that they don’t know how to move a vending machine. And in order to escape the potential injuries as well as dangers to the machine itself.

Vending machines in an ally
You can find many different types of wending machines. For coffee, snacks, drinks, even food, cigarettes, and other types of products.

Measure before you try to move a vending machine

You will first need to measure the vending machine. Use tape to measure the:

  • height
  • length
  • width

After doing that make sure that all of the doors and paths for moving the vending machine have enough space for it to pass. The machine size will affect the type of jack you use during the move. It will also help you find out if the path you picked out is wide or big enough for it to be moved. If you can’t move a vending machine through the path you choose it’s time to plan a new one.

Unplug and empty it out

The next step is naturally to unplug the vending machine. Get behind the machine and locate where it’s attached to the outlet. All you need to do is plug it out and the power will be cut. Only after that can we move a vending machine. Of course the commercial movers NYC businesses rely on are also aware that some vending machines have an “off” button. You will need to shut it off before unplugging it. Then provide to empty the machine. The display door on the front of the machine opens. From there you can remove all snacks, drinks, and other products from the shelves. This way the weight will be lower and the machine will be easier to move. If the machine was full, emptying it out can take a little longer than you think. Especially if you are not packing the snacks and drinks directly.

Snacks that we need to empty out before we move a vending machine
Carefully empty everything out before trying to move a vending machine.

Pick up the vending machine

Ensure the power cord is taped to the back of the machine. Move the machine away from the wall and make sure that the cord is not loose. Most machines have a little circular port in the bottom that acts as a housing for the cord. Push the cord into this port and stop only when the plug is left sticking out. This is where the pallet jacks come into play. Make sure that you already rent a jack or buy one. Position it under the vending machine. Slide the forks under the machine(from the front side) far enough to support its full weight. The most important thing when you want to relocate the vending machine is that the machine is centered. If it’s not it may tip when you try to lift it. Pump the handle and raise it off the ground.

Secure the machine

Use ratchet straps to secure the vending machine on the pallet jack. Place the straps on the top of the machine, and also under the jack forks. Pull the loose ends through the adaptable tie-downs. And then tighten them until they’re secure and close the clamps. Check if everything is nice and secure before attempting the next step of moving the vending machine.

Move a vending machine

This is usually done by commercial movers Brooklyn business owners recommend. Use the jack handle to pull or push the machine. Then guide it carefully through the route you planned and measured beforehand. Try to keep it as steady as possible, and avoid any type of bump on the road. Even the slightest mistake when you move a vending machine can lead to it tipping over. In order to secure it even more you can wrap the machine in moving blankets.

Three diffrent vending machines
There are different sizes when it comes to vending machines. As such some can be easier to move than others.

Help is important

We know many of you would assume that you can move a vending machine by yourself. But it’s quite a hard job for one person. Especially if you don’t have the required tools and experience. So hire someone that does, or ask for help from family and friends. Vending machines can also be quite expensive or rented by a certain provider so breaking them is not an option. As such it’s best to be careful. And there are even services made especially for machines. Where people with a lot of experience in this area of work. Of course friends and family work out fine as well, if you are careful and don’t rush.