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You have decided to make an international home and office move to Manhattan. Moving your home is already a very complex procedure. If you add to it the relocation of your office, you will face some significant challenges. There are many reasons why you would like to move to Manhattan. This New York area is one of the best and the most popular in the entire state. However, organizing such a complex process has its many sides. Teddy Moving and Storage is a moving company that can help you with this time-consuming task. This is one of the major life events and your entire life is about to change. For this reason, you need to prepare well for this long and energy-consuming journey. Therefore, read this article and discover all about interstate home and office move to Manhattan and how to make it successful.

Prepare well for your interstate home and office move to Manhattan

Before you start with any real action regarding your relocation, you need to give yourself enough time to carefully plan everything. Your items will need to travel long-distance, and you need to prepare everything well. Therefore, take your time to sit down and find a reliable moving company. Finding interstate movers NYC is not an easy task to do. Since you will be moving both your home and office, ask your movers if they can handle all of it. Remember that you need to get a precise moving quote from your movers in order to plan your moving budget well.

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You need to prepare for your interstate home and office move to Manhattan

This way you will avoid one of the greatest challenges for long-distance moves and those is the additional moving costs. A precise quote will give you a final price that you will later pay to your movers.

Make sure to downsize your possessions

Moving your entire home and business is a great time to see what you really need. This can also be one of the greatest challenges since at this point you might find it hard to get rid of anything. But do not be too sentimental. There is really no point in packing your home and office items that you will not use in Manhattan. Before Manhattan residential movers come to pick up your boxes, you need to make inventory lists. Make sure to separate the list from your home from your office one. It would be much easier to further pack your possessions if you separate packing items. Go through every room in your house and discard all the items that you no longer need. In addition, try to apply the same rule to your office. Make a separate pile of the items you will not pack for transportation.

Get some packing materials

One of the greatest challenges that you can face during an interstate home and office move to Manhattan is packing your possessions. Remember that you will not need to bring everything you possess.

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Get some packing materials for your preparation

However, packing still remains one of the greatest challenges on the way. Before you start packing, it is vital that you bring different kinds of moving boxes and packing materials to your home and office. Contact one of the moving companies Manhattan and ask what kind of packing materials they can provide for your relocation. Once you have all the materials, you can start with packing. Try to use color coding when packing different rooms in your home and office. For example, for the kitchen, you can use yellow labeling, while for your office documents you can use green color labels. It would be much easier once you start unpacking.

Try to save money where you can

Packing your home and office for a long-distance relocation can be quite expensive. For this reason, you should try to cut down your moving costs as much as possible. For this reason, you can use some free moving boxes that you can find both online and in some local stores around you. To cut down on your expenses, ask some of your friends to help you with packing. For your office relocation, you can ask your employees to pack the office. Assign each one of them a specific task to pack their own desk and help you with the rest of the items. Another great challenge is packing office furniture. Here you should let commercial movers NYC handle the packing process. Since they have enough skills and proper packing materials to pack these heavy items properly. This way you will avoid any possible injuries.

Get additional insurance for your interstate home and office move to Manhattan

Since this will be a long drive between states, you need to ensure that your items have proper protection during the entire relocation. Even the most experienced movers could face some troubles on the way while relocating your possessions. Each moving company should offer basic insurance coverage. However, it is better to obtain additional insurance coverage for your possessions. Take a seat with your moving agent and list down all the items that you plan to cover in your insurance policy.

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Buy additional insurance for your possessions

Since you will be transporting valuable items from both your home and office, you need to agree on what kind of coverage you will get in case of any damage or loss. When packing, remember to have a box of essentials that people usually forget. You will need it and use it during the entire moving process.

There are numerous challenges that you may face during an interstate home and office move to Manhattan. Among the greatest of all can be preparations and packing. Remember that here you will need twice more time to handle everything since you need to pack your entire home and office. During this long way to Manhattan, many great difficulties may appear. For this reason, make sure to properly secure your belongings and buy some additional insurance coverage for your shipments. For handling large items, let professionals do the hard part for you. Soon you will be enjoying your new home and office in Manhattan so look forward to this new beginning.