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If you ask a group of people where they want to live in the whole world, what do you think the answer will be? Well, NYC would certainly make it in top answers. This won’t come as a surprise as NYC is one of the most famous cities in the world. Therefore, you will be living a dream of million people after you move to NYC with the help of moving and storage NYC. However, not all boroughs in NYC are equally famous. The most popular is Manhattan as you probably guess. But, while Manhattan has many living advantages, living in Manhattan comes with a few downsides as well. As living in Manhattan presents prestige, you will have to pay for it. So, you need to think carefully about the pros and cons of living in Manhattan before you decide to move.

What are the pros and cons of living in Manhattan?

No one can deny that Manhattan is a great place for living in NYC. The borough has more than 1 500 000 residents and offers many benefits. However, Manhattan also has a few disadvantages that you should know about. The good thing is that the pros definitely outweigh the cons and you won’t regret moving to Manhattan with Manhattan long distance movers. However, as you will be living in Manhattan, you will get to know both the good and bad sides. But first, you have a move to prepare. You will need to find a reliable moving company that will help you with your relocation. Also, you should choose a moving date somewhere between November and April. It’s an off-season for moving companies during the winter months, so you can find good movers for a more affordable price.

A busy Manhattan street, visualising the pros and cons of living in Manhattan
You need to know all pros and cons of living in Manhattan before your relocation

What are the pros of living in Manhattan?

First, you need to know about the advantages of living in Manhattan. As you already know, there are a lot of pros of living in NYC and Manhattan. Manhattan is the center of many important businesses such as fashion, sports, journalism, apparel, technology, marketing, etc. So, there will be a lot of job opportunities for you. The next huge advantage is the prestige that comes with living in Manhattan. You will have many opportunities to visit many popular museums, see world-famous Teather shows, etc. You will have this almost at walking distance from each other. Now, you probably understand why so many people decide to move to Manhattan with moving companies Manhattan. There is something magical about Manhattan that makes everyone fall in love. Therefore, once you move to Manhattan, you will probably stay there for a long time.

Safety is one of the many pros of living in Manhattan

With a population of more than 1 500 000, safety is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Manhattan. It’s more likely to expect a high crime rate. But you will be surprised to learn that Manhattan is one of the safest places in the US. Of course, minor crimes do happen from time to time, but it’s nothing alarming that you can’t walk freely on the streets. But, you should learn about your neighborhood carefully and stay far away from places that are known to be dangerous. As for the rest of Manhattan, you have nothing to worry about. Police forces are doing their job diligently to ensure everyone’s safety. If you are looking for the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan to move in with local movers NYC, you should consider the following ones:

  • East Village
  • Carnegie Hill
  • Lenox Hill
  • Battery Park City
  • Tribeca
picture of a bridge at the night time
Manhattan has low crime rates

What are the main cons of moving to Manhattan?

You probably already know one of the biggest cons of living in Manhattan and that is expensive living costs. The most expensive living cost is housing prices. The median home value in Manhattan is around $990 000 which is almost five times higher than the national average of $220 000. The median renting prices are not much different as the national average is $1,060 while Manhattans is $1,700. For this reason, almost 75% of the Manhattan population rents their home rather than owning it. Additionally, affordable apartments in Manhattan are usually very small. So, you will probably need to adjust to living in a small space. There are many benefits of living in a smaller apartment such as lower living costs, easier to maintain, less clutter, etc. Therefore, you won’t have a problem getting used to your new smaller apartment.

You will face competition for everything

As Manhattan is a very popular place for living, there will be many who are competing for the same things as you. For example, finding an apartment in Manhattan can be a very difficult process. The demand is huge and prices are high. It’s the same story for job opportunities. The best time to find an apartment in Manhattan is during the off-season and that is mostly during the winter months. As you can see, winter is off-season for moving companies and apartment hunting. So, you can combine both if you decide to move in winter. Winter is off-season mostly because of low temperature as no one likes to move when it’s freezing outside. But, you can turn cold weather to your advantage and find a good apartment for a much lower price than in summer. Prices are generally up to 5% less in winter than during peak season.

group of woman talking
You will have competition for job opportunities

The conclusion is that you should move to Manhattan

No matter what the pros and cons of living in Manhattan are, Manhattan is still one of the most attractive places for living. If you have a chance to move to Manhattan, you should definitely take it. It’s a lifetime opportunity and you shouldn’t waste it. There are much more pros of moving to Manhattan than cons. Also, it doesn’t mean that you will encounter every con of living in Manhattan. You might find a great job with a high salary and a big apartment in a great location. Also, if you make it in Manhattan, that means you can make it anywhere in the world.