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Living in any town or city likely has both good and bad to it. Usually, it’s all about finding the right place for yourself where you’ll absolutely love the “goods” but you’ll be also able to tolerate the “bads”. And just like with every other move, moving from NYC to a small town will likely have some trade-offs but also quite a few benefits. That said, before you start looking for professional movers NYC residents love and recommend to move you to a small town, you should first consider whether that’s the right thing for you. And the best way to do that is to look at the objective pros and cons of such a relocation. Of course, your personal wants and needs play a significant role when it comes to moving.

There are quite a few good things about moving from NYC to a small town

NYC is a fun place. However, it’s not for everyone. Especially now that the world is seemingly on fire and there’s so much going on. Many people find themselves gravitating toward smaller towns. Mostly because they appear to be a better option for quite a few reasons. Here are a few reasons why relocating to a smaller town with residential movers NYC has to offer might be a good option.

Two womn riding bikes.
Small town living can be quite enjoyable.

Expect to spend less money than in NYC

If you’re moving to a true, small town, far away from NYC, expect to save some serious money. NYC is one of the most expensive places in the country with the cost of living being, on average, about 80% higher compared to the national average. That’s likely not going to be the case if you move to a small town. However, expect to pay some serious money for long distance movers NYC offers, even if you’re moving a long way from New York, after all, you’ll be paying those high NYC prices.

It’s easier to live healthily in a small town

Living in NYC involves a lot of traffic jams, takeaways, and not-quite-enough nature. Living in a small town is nothing like that. If you move to a smaller town expect to get healthier. The air will most likely be fresher and walking will probably become the new norm. Plus, if you have kids, your kids will be able to play outside. It’s pretty much safe to say that you won’t have to hunt for opportunities to be active. Also, you likely won’t be running into fast-food restaurants every few steps. And that will likely encourage you to eat healthier.

Life is a lot more laid back in a small town compared to NYC

NYC can get pretty hectic. That’s why a lot of people who are looking for a change of pace move from NYC to a smaller town. Not nearly as much is happening in smaller towns compared to NYC. That’s why everything is moving at a slower pace and everything is a lot more relaxed. Because of that, people who live in small towns are overall less stressed compared to those who live in large, busy cities like NYC. For that reason, small towns are the perfect option for those who handle stress poorly and are looking to get away from it.

Two older men sitting outside.
Living in a small town is a lot more relaxing.

Safety is usually higher in small towns

If safety is your priority, you’ll love living in a small town. Truthfully, safety is one of the main reasons for people moving to small towns from NYC. Since NYC is notorious for its high crime rates, many people feel unsafe there. Small towns are quite different in that regard. In some small towns, there’s barely any crime. Especially in those with really tight-knit communities where people know one another well.

When you move to a small town from NYC, you’ll notice how much friendlier people are

It’s no secret that New Yorkers are not the friendliest of folk. They’re usually too busy to notice anyone around them. In a small town, that pretty much never happens. Most people are quite friendly and are open to meeting new people, especially newcomers. So, if you move to a small town from NYC, expect to meet your new neighbors right away and have them bring you over a tasty dish.

There are also some downsides of relocating from NYC to a small town

Unfortunately, moving to a small town is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are quite a few great things about leaving a big city to move to a small town. However, there are also some bad things, unfortunately. The downsides of moving to a small town are:

  • Less accessible educational and cultural venues
  • Longer transportation times
  • Fewer entertainment opportunities
  • Fewer job opportunities

If none of these are deal-breakers for you, then moving to a small town might be a good step for you. However, if you’re hoping to further your career or you’re dependent on public entertainment, then you might want to look into other options.

A woman commuting by bus.
After moving from NYC to a small town you might have to spend more time commuting.

Moving from NYC to a small town could be a good move

NYC is a wonderful place that has a lot to offer to its residents. Be it packing service NYC locals wholeheartedly recommend or endless career opportunities, NYC has it all. However, NYC is simply not for everybody. For many people, moving from NYC to a small town is definitely a step in the right direction. Despite some downsides, small towns can be a great option for all those seeking refuge from all that big city noise that’s pretty much unavoidable in cities like NYC. So if you feel like NYC is not the right place for you anymore, moving to a small town might be what you need.