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It may happen that you might have an art exhibition in another state and that you have to take there your artworks. No matter if you are only shipping one or several paintings or your complete artwork, it is not easy to transport these goods. In general, transporting sensitive pieces is not an easy job to do. Since these items are more than sensitive, you might have difficulties in both packing and transporting them. For this reason, it is more convenient to hire a moving company to help you with this task. Only reliable movers NYC have the proper tools, packing materials, and skills to pack and transport your art pieces. Especially when you have to transport them long-distance. Remember that this will take a lot of time and energy to prepare everything. So, read this article and discover ways to transport art installations long distance.

Plan and prepare to transport art installations long distance

Every move is complex in its way. For example, moving home long-distance is more than difficult. Do not think for a second that moving art installations differs a lot from it. It is a very serious and complex task that needs time for preparation. First, you need to act responsively and give both you and your movers enough time for preparation. Start by checking up on your art pieces. That includes measuring its dimensions, size, and if possible, weight. If you have some extremely large installations, then let interstate movers NYC do all this for you. A moving company should send their representative to take the exact information on your inventory. This is the best option to get a precise price for this complex relocation. Book your movers as soon as possible so you can plan everything ahead of time.

preparing for Transport Art Installations Long Distance
Let your movers create a detailed packing plan

Is it really safe for movers to transport artworks?

Transporting artworks is not easy to handle, especially during long-distance routes. Damages might happen if both you and your movers do not pack the items properly. Also, they need special handling at every point of preparation. So why do movers take such a risk? Luckily, certain tips and tricks can make the whole process easier. Long distance movers NYC customize packing and handling of the art pieces. Whether this is going to be a museum exhibition or for your private collection, all people that take part in this must follow certain rules. Works of art rarely appear in ordinary size or shape. This particularly applies to art installations. They may be tiny little glass pieces or huge statues that weigh thousands of pounds. Movers will carefully plan packing and transportation. They would obtain proper packing crates to secure this relocation as much as possible.

Security matters on all levels

When you have to transport art installations long distance, you need to think about many different aspects of it. among the top priorities should be secure packing materials. For this kind of action, movers usually use wooden crates to pack all the pieces of an art installation. This kind of relocation can be expensive. But this is not the time to try packing it on your own. Instead, hire packing services NYC to reduce the risk of damages to a minimum. Your movers will also handle disassembling and reassembling of your artwork. In addition to secure packing, you have to think about safe transportation. Apart from loading and placing in a secure position in the moving truck, you need to think about additional safety. This includes keeping the secure route of passing confidentially. This will very likely discourage the theft of your goods.

Movers may split the collection into smaller shipments

Depending on the number and size of your art collection, your movers might take additional steps to secure the shipment even more. This kind of relocation carries on a huge responsibility.

white statues with a blue bag
You have to prepare well in order to transport art installations long distance

If your movers miss any of the important steps in the string, this can lead to damages, loss, or even theft. Art pieces usually have a great value, so it is a huge risk for a company not to provide proper security. Fine art movers NYC may decide to split your collection into smaller shipments to provide more security for it. When moving a large and valuable collection, sometimes it can be much easier to pack and transport everything in two separate trucks. Renting two trucks may be more expensive. However, in the end, it will certainly pay off. Also, a software program may assist with this, showing exactly which pieces to put together.

Other tips when you have to transport art installations long distance

When transporting different kinds of art pieces, you will very likely need to take care of the humidity and temperature both of the packing crates and the moving truck itself.

many statues in a large hole
Packers need to take care about temperature and climate-controlled packing crates

In this case, they would need to use climate and temperature-controlled units and specialized trucks for shipping these goods properly. However, when it comes to shipping art there is no such thing as too much security. You will need extra coverage for your pieces. A professional insurance representative should check your pieces and provide their exact value so then the insurance company can provide the exact premium for your goods. Your movers need to guarantee safety and some basic coverage. But they cannot cover the full refund for your goods in case of damage since art pieces usually have high values.

Whether you are about to have your exhibition in a different state or just transporting your collection, it is certainly not easy to transport art installations long distance. In this case, the best option is to let professional packers and movers handle packing and relocation for you. This is the time when you need skillful people around you. Especially if you need to handle large statues or very sensitive glass pieces. Art installations usually come in different sizes and shapes, so you need somebody to handle this with experience. Remember that you will be enjoying your previous collection in a new environment very soon.