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Reading moving reviews is an amazing way to weed out some of the moving companies while settling on some others. A lot of people leave online reviews for those searching for a moving company, like you. Even though getting referred by a family member or friend is the best possible option, reading through reviews can still help you make the final choice. You can always count on your loved ones to give you a transparent review of a moving company they’ve hired. But, if there’s no one to give this recommendation, you might need to rely on online reviews! So, how do you go about it? It’s most important that you learn how to recognize fake moving reviews. That’s why Teddy Moving and Storage NYC are here to help you out!

Why are there fake reviews?

The ultimate goal of a fake review is to try to give false information and scam potential customers. Another big bonus for them is covering up their unprofessionalism or their lack of skill. You can be 100% sure that you are getting excellent service, and be scammed just like that. The usual trick they will pull on you is giving you one price for the moving quote, and then a much larger price as the end sum. Sometimes though, they can even hold your items until you decide to pay the unreasonably large sum.

A woman looking at online reviews
Make sure to read a bunch of reviews before hiring a moving company

Due to the competitive nature of the moving business, many inexperienced companies try and manipulate their way to customers. No matter if you’re searching for commercial movers NYC, or conducting a residential move, you need to know that the people you hired are trustworthy. Next, we will share some of our biggest tips to help you recognize fake moving reviews. You’ll see, once you get the gist of it, you will easily discern between real and fake reviews.

How to spot a fake review? – Sounds too good to be true

A perfect moving experience from start to finish? And there are 500 of them? Even when you’re dealing with some of the most professional and experienced residential movers NYC, you are bound to experience at least one little bump in the road. Accidents happen, even if only rarely, but a lot of people claiming that their moving process was a walk in the park might just be fake reviews. If every single testimonial is perfect with nothing bad to say, you can almost 100% be sure that they are fake. Search for negative reviews and if there aren’t any then this company is hiding a secret. The right movers will keep a transparent approach and you will see the good and the bad. And this is the reason for their success! No scamming, just honesty.

Five stars on a pink and blue background
Too many 5-star reviews are a huge red flag!

Many services for a very low price

When you try to recognize fake moving reviews, another amazing thing to pay attention to is the company’s services. After all, you are trying to determine whether or not this company deserves your money and time. So, checking out their services seems like a logical next step. What usually gives them away when it comes to services is an incredibly attractive offer that seems like it came right from your wildest dreams. You can prevent them from reeling you in by asking for various moving cost estimates from various companies. You will get a feel for how much money these services cost realistically and when someone offers you substantially less, you just move to the next one. If this too-good-to-be-true service is paired with some outstanding reviews, you can bet they are fake.

Still, there is a number of movers NYC to NJ who have more affordable rates. But, you will be able to tell the difference. A more affordable service will be slightly lower in price, while a scam will be unrealistically cheap. Keep your eyes peeled and stay focused!

General and vague reviews

Many of the online reviews are pretty general and could be applied to a number of different companies. So it becomes hard to determine whether these are real or not. We’d recommend that you skip all of the reviews that seem like they could be talking about any number of businesses. Try and search for people who leave some earnest and specific comments. These comments will make you realize the quality of this company from a truthful perspective. Also, if you’re searching for a special kind of service, like for example a packing service NYC, you can find reviews that mention this specifically. Don’t just settle for reviews that aren’t saying anything a all. Search for the good ones that will actually give you some credible information.

A woman reading her notes in front of a bed
When the reviews sound like they could be applied to anything, it’s a surefire way to know that they are fake.

Spelling and grammar errors, or artificial language

Fake reviewers will try to sound more realistic and persuasive by using weird language, or punctuation that’s off. For example, leaving an angry and mean review in all caps seems logical when you see it and read it. But imagine now that you’re reading a positive review and it’s in all caps, why do you think that is? They are trying to get your attention so you will listen to them and make the wrong decision! Think to yourself about how you would write a review, what kind of language you would use, and what are the most important points to make. And then go and search for reviews similar to the one you yourself would craft.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the language structure in these reviews. If you recognize somebody’s style of writing and then come across a few additional reviews in a similar style, published at nearly the same time – something’s fishy. Read through thoroughly and you can do it! We hope you’re prepared to recognize fake moving reviews and choose the right movers for your NYC relocation!