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Moving is often hard as it involves endless hours of preparation, packing, and heavy lifting. For this reason, many people decide to hire moving and storage NYC for easier relocation. Moving preparation has a couple of stages. But, most people forget to do one even though it is the easiest part of relocation. Rating professional movers after the relocation should be done too. But, people often forget or don’t even know how to do it. Writing a moving review is useful in a couple of ways. You will be helping other people to choose the best moving company for their relocation. Also, if you write a positive review and give good ratings to moving companies, that will help them to build a good reputation. For this reason, here are a few tips on how to rate moving services in Manhattan.

How you can rate moving services in Manhattan?

Most people find Manhattan long distance movers online and choose to hire them based on online reviews. The best way to find professional movers is based on a recommendation from your family and friends. However, sometimes this is not possible as no one you know moved for quite some time. So, another good option to find reliable movers would be online reviews. Writing an online review is not hard or complicated. However, writing only one sentence is also not enough. You will need to write a few basic information about your relocation. Of course, you shouldn’t write any personal information like address, phone number, bank number, etc. But, to make writing a review easier for you, here are a few things that you should mention:

  • Approximate date, time, and location of your move
  • Customer service and your general impression
  • Punctuality
  • Professionalism
graph and hand pointing thumbs up
You should rate moving services in Manhattan after your relocation

How to start writing your moving review?

After you finish your relocation with the moving companies Manhattan, your next step is to write a moving review. Every moving company has an online site where you can see important information about moving companies such as services they offer, contact numbers, etc. Also, there is a place where you can read and write a review and rate your experience with a moving company. Additionally, many moving companies have social media where you can also write your review. But, the best place would be the official site of the company. You should start your moving review with your date, time, and location. Of course, you can write approximate information such as that your move happened at the beginning of October to Manhattan for example. It’s good to include the month of the relocation, as there are some differences between moving in summer and winter.

Next, you should write about customer service and your general impression of the moving company

After you wrote a few important pieces of information about your relocation such as date and location, next you should write about customer service. Customer service is a very important aspect of every business and especially for moving companies. If workers are rude or uninterested when talking with you, it will give a negative impression of the whole company. For this reason, a first impression can be often a deciding factor in your decision to hire Manhattan residential movers. Also, you should write about how they answer questions thoroughly, how they deal with problems and special requests. Of course, you shouldn’t write every question you asked and the answer you got as your moving review will become an essay instead. You should try to keep it short but informative as no one likes to read long reviews.

a man with headphones sitting in an office working on solutions to rate moving services in Manhattan
Customer service is an important aspect of a moving company

Write shortly about what kind of service you got, moving estimate, and punctuality

Good customer service means nothing if actual movers are not good in their job. So, you should mention what kind of service you chose. This way, if someone else also chooses the same service as you, that person will know what to expect and how to prepare. Also, you should mention what kind of moving estimate the moving company offers. There are three types of moving estimates: non-binding, binding, and binding not-to-exceed. The best one for customers is binding not-to-exceed. So, it’s good to know beforehand what type of moving estimate you can get. Now, it’s finally time to write about the actual moving day. You should definitely mention the punctuality of professional movers. Write down the agreed time and the time movers arrived at your home. Additionally, if movers arrived late, you should write down if they offered an excuse or not.

The general impression of work done in your home

Moving day is the most important part of relocation and also the most stressful. For this reason, of course, you must mention something about your moving day. But, you should only describe your moving day in two or three sentences. Don’t go into unnecessary details. Just write down if you are satisfied with the way professional movers work. However, if some problems or mistakes happened, you should definitely mention that. Also, mention how movers dealt with these mistakes and problems. Additionally, write down if there were there any surprise charges, hidden costs, etc. The final part of your moving review should be your overall impression, satisfaction, would you recommend a certain moving company to other people. Also, you should write if you think that cost of professional movers is justified.

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Don’t forget to write about your general satisfaction with professional movers

There is also a rating system

If you don’t want to write a moving review, you can just rate moving services in Manhattan. You probably noticed that every online site has five stars rating system. Some moving companies have on their site to rate specific parts of moving experience such as move consultant, moving crew, move co-ordinator, and overall experience. If you don’t have time to write a complete moving review, you should at least rate these few important aspects of the moving company. It will help moving companies to build a good name and other people to find reliable movers for their relocation.