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Packing artwork for a long distance relocation is a process that will surely take some time and patience from your side. Not to mention that you will have to pay close attention to what you are doing. Sometimes, this can be tricky to accomplish, and that is why our pros at Teddy Moving and Storage NYC advise you to always ask for help. Today, you will learn how to pack artwork for moving long distance, so you don’t have to worry about its safety. Here are some useful tips and tricks you can follow.

Gather appropriate materials before you pack artwork for moving long distance

Before you move your items, you would want to make sure you have proper supplies for this endeavor. That means that you should do a little research about the artwork and proper packing materials. What you need to understand is that in this situation, you will have to get different supplies. Depending on what you are moving, you should get:

  • Plastic or wooden crates – They are perfect because they will provide your items with perfect protection during transport.
  • Dry paper as wrapping material for paintings
  • Packing hay or packing peanuts – they are excellent when you want to cushion your artwork in the crate
  • Ropes string to tighten the packing supplies around the artwork
a wooden crate you can use to pack artwork for moving long distance
You should use wooden crates when you want to pack artwork for moving long distance

These are some of the best materials you need to get for your upcoming artwork transportation. With this, you will surely be able to transport everything without any problems. Furthermore, fine art movers NYC recommends asking pros for help. With their assistance, you will surely transport your artwork without any damage.

How to use plastic or wooden crates

These are perfect when you are about to move highly valuable fine. With these crates, you will ensure the safety of your belongings properly. Now, why are they important? Well, they come in all shapes, and sizes, and have different materials built in. For example, they can come in sturdy plastic, or like racks. This is something that can help you move everything properly.

It is the same with wooden crates. They are really good because you can stockpile them and they will still protect your items during the move. Now, they are usually used for sculptures because you can fill them with packed hay/peanuts, and then place your artwork in them. Once you do this, you can move them with the help of long distance movers NYC relies on. Because the safest way to move your items is to get help from professionals.

How to pack paintings and prints

For this situation, you will use a flat picture box. It is perfect because it will provide your items with great protection. And if you can, try to find bigger ones. Then you can place the dry paper on them to protect the paintings from any possible damage. Next, do the following steps:

  • If your paintings are framed and behind a glass, then put an “X” with packing tape over it. In case of breaking, it will keep the glass from falling around
  • Protect your paintings with dry paper, plastic wraps, or some material that can’t damage it
  • Make cardboard corners to protect the corners of the wooden frame
  • Make sure to place something at the bottom of the box to protect your paintings from scratches
  • Test the box and label it with “fragile” so both you and the movers will know how to handle it
a person watching a painting
Be careful when packing paintings

This is how you can pack your paintings and prints properly when moving them. Especially when you are moving your business or gallery to another place. Then, according to commercial movers NYC that gallery owners trust, you can rest assured that nothing can go wrong during the move. It is something that can mean a lot to anyone who is planning to move a lot of expensive artwork.

Never pack more than one item

You need to think about this carefully. If you want to move everything properly and avoid any damage, then make sure to pack them separately. For instance, you can put small photos in their frames together since they are already packed and protected. But, when it comes to framed art pieces or sculptures, the best practice is to avoid putting them together in one box. They could seriously damage each other, so you will end up with a huge loss. Even with the packing hay or packing peanuts included.

Packing and moving everything properly is very important. And not only with the artwork, but with all other items in your home as well. In this situation, you will have to think about all the steps you need to take. But, there are many reasons why people prefer professional help. And that is because they are skilled, have the proper equipment, and know how to handle fragile items. Many people rely on the residential movers NYC team when it comes to this. The best thing you can do for yourself and your artwork is to hire professional movers to help you out.

Take good care of your artwork

Before you pack for the move, you will have to learn how to properly take care of artwork. There are some steps you need to take if you want to make sure that everything is in order and not damaged during the move. With this, you will ensure the longevity of your artwork and not worry about anything bad happening.

paintings on the wall
Learn how to take proper care of your artwork

Follow these steps and you are good to go

Now that you know everything there is about the ways to pack artwork for moving long distance, you can get ready for your move. We are certain that if you follow these guidelines, you will make it look like child’s play. If you are looking for more good moving tips, then make sure to visit our blog. Many people use it to simplify their move, and so can you.