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Moving and packing books can be risky and time-consuming. There are some things that you could easily forget, and that can lead to some very bad moving mistakes. In this article, we will tell you how you can move a home library properly all the while avoiding any possible stress or mistakes. Professional movers NYC are here to aid you with your move, so all you need to do is keep reading to find out more. Here is what you should do.

Check everything before you move a home library

If you have a big library then it is important to go through all of your books and figure out in what kind of condition they are. That is something really important and you shouldn’t mess around with it. Here you will see what you are dealing with and what kind of packing supplies you need to get. If your books are in bad shape, then you need to see if you could repair them. If they are fairly cheap and easy to replace, then that is something you should do. Make a list of books you have and see what you can do with them.

cardboard box you will use to move a home library
Make sure to have proper packing supplies before you move a home library

Some books can be really hard to move without any proper packing skills. Because they can be really expensive and valuable, you should consider them almost an art piece. In this situation, you need to know how to properly pack and move them. They can be as fragile as fine art you have in your move. Make sure to consult with fine art movers NYC before you begin any kind of moving preparation. It will help you keep them in good condition while they are moved.

Categorize your books before packing them

It is very important to do this step because then you will be able to figure out what kind of packing supplies you need. For example, if you are categorizing them by value and condition, you will try to get better packing boxes for them. Now, on the other hand, the best choice you can do in this situation is to categorize them by size. Then you will be able to properly fill the moving boxes so there will be no oddly shaped space left in them. This can mean a lot when you are planning to move soon.

The relocating process is not something you can rush or do overnight. Especially when you have to move your big library. On the other hand, sometimes we get into a situation when we have to move on short notice. In this case, we need to know how to properly prepare for our move. This is a situation when you can count on the help of last minute movers NYC. They can handle your packing and moving as nobody else can.

What kind of packing supplies to use

When you come to this step, then you will have to think about all the steps you already made. If you have figured out the state of your books, then you will know what kind of supplies to get. If you are transporting very valuable and fragile books then we suggest you use wooden crates and plastic bins. They are very sturdy and you can easily pile them on top of each other. Furthermore, you can place some packing hay in them so your books will be extra safe while you pack them.

a magazine on a wooden crate
You can use wooden crates to transport books

It is important to do this step if you wish to keep your books safe during the move. But, proper packing is only half the job. The other half is knowing how to properly take care of your books. It is very good to know how to keep your books in good condition before you pack them. You will prolong their life and you won’t have to worry about any damages.

Remember that the boxes have their limits

Even if you do get new packing boxes, they still have their weight limits. And every box has it written on the side of the bottom part. It will tell you how much you can pack in it without damaging the box. It is important not to exceed this limit if you wish to avoid any packing mistakes. Any other situation will only lead to damages and books falling out of the boxes.

boxes on the ground
All boxes have weight limits

Packing your books for the move can be tiring if you don’t know how to do it. Especially when you have to focus on many other things like preparing the rest of your home for the move. If you don’t have any moving and packing experience, then this is going to be a stressful process. That is why you need to consider what you can do in this situation. Well, several options can help you with this problem. And one of them is to get packing service NYC for your move. With a professional packing service, you can focus on finishing up all of the other tasks while you are moving. Professionals will deal with your items without any problems at all.

Trace back all the steps and recap everything before you start

When you are about to move a home library, you will have to make a list of all the steps you need to take first. Well, luckily for you, this guide has everything you need for your upcoming move. Here you will learn what you need to do if you wish to move your library properly and without any possible damages. We can help you move your home with ease. You can give us a call and see what kind of moving services we can offer to you. And with that in mind, you will organize a rather stress-free relocation to your new home.