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Relocation is a process that consists of many interlinked processes. One of those processes, which is probably the most tedious one is packing. Normally, packing your things is at the same time the most time-consuming part. Especially when you are doing it for the first time ever. You will need some time. But, that is okay. Sometimes, those movers NYC has that you will hire for the relocation can do this for you. But the majority of people prefer doing it on their own. Another thing that is as important as packing, is the unpacking of belongings. It is the final step before you finally settle down. To make sure you do everything in the right way, you need to know how to label moving boxes. Even though it doesn’t seem so important, it actually is. Be prepared in time, for every small detail while relocating.

Person labeling a moving box.
It is important that you know how to label moving boxes so you prevent any inconvenience on the way.

It is quite important that you learn to label moving boxes before Greenpoint, or any other relocation

Almost the majority of people make the same mistake when it comes to packing. They never label their boxes. And then, the mess happens. They all wonder about the same things, such as where did all those things come from? How to organize it properly now? And of course, let’s not even start with the fact that they are not able to find things and to recognize which box is for what. To prevent these things from happening, you need to learn how to label moving boxes before you start realizing your relocation. No matter what kind of a relocation it is, or where you are relocating.

With the help of movers Greenpoint your packing can be a lot easier to handle. But, not everyone is a fan of packing in general. It is nice to have your entire home packed in less than a day, and for sure, in the most appropriate way, but there is something that can bother you. Other people, most likely strangers, going through your things, in addition, to pack. Well, it is not the most comfortable fact you can cope with. If you can’t, and you prefer packing on your own, make sure you label those boxes correctly.

In addition, to do the labeling right, you need to pack properly as well

For sure, packing properly and organizing is much easier said than done. That is why the packing service NYC movers are providing is the best option in a moving company there is. But, as we mentioned above, not everyone is comfortable with it. However, you still need to learn how to do it in the most organized way, so you are prepared for both the labeling and unpacking process. Now, in addition, to pack in a proper way, you need to make a plan. Definitely do it only one room at a time. And divide the order of packing these rooms by their importance. You should start from the least important one to the most important and used one.

Now, the best option is to label boxes while you pack, but it is not necessary. You can do it also when you are about to duct tape those boxes and close them. When you pack one box, leave it in the room where the things you packed in usually are. For instance, if you were packing kitchen utilities, leave the box in the kitchen. Don’t mix them up in a common area at any cost. It will only be harder and more time-consuming to label all of them after.

Girl labeling a box for the move with a marker.
Make sure you label each side of the box.

One of the best ways how to label moving boxes in the right way is to separate boxes for each room

Diving boxes by room is not only important for the packing process. It is even more important for the unpacking one. Well, here comes the labeling, which can speed up the whole process quite a lot. When you finally finished packing things up into those boxes, and you are about to close them and duct tape them, and secure them, you need to start labeling. First of all, before the actual labeling says what it is in each box, there is one thing to do. Find some sort of either stickers or color sticky papers. You must separate those boxes by the location in the home.

For instance, for the boxes that are for kitchen marks with the blue stickers. For the living room use yellow, bedroom red, and so on. This is an important step because even though you are going to label by saying what is in each box, you can still mix them up. Maybe you have your books both in the living room and in your main bedroom. Or something else that is in multiple parts of your home. So, to prevent any kind of mess, and confusion, it is better to mark all the boxes with their locations, or destinations. You will skip a lot of stress as well.

Remember to label all sides of the box

One small detail where surprisingly a huge number of people are making a mistake. They only label one side of the box, and usually, that is the top of it. This is definitely not a proper way to do it. And it is inconvenient. This way, your movers Brooklyn has that you hired will only need more time while they load and unload your boxes.

No one wants to turn around the box over again until they find where they are supposed to place it. Especially with the fragile items. Imagine turning the box upside down so you can see what is inside, and then you find out it was a glass or something fragile and everything falls down. Do you really want that to happen? Definitely not. So, make sure you label each box loud and clear, so you don’t have to put much effort into figuring out where to place it and what is inside.

Person holding two carboard boxes that are labeled.
Use stickers and something striking to the eye, not only markers.

Get waterproof markers and find stickers for fragile items

Firstly, one of the most important things is that you get a waterproof marker for labeling. If you don’t, you will definitely face some troubles eve if you know how to label moving boxes. Also, remember that not all the boxes are with the same value and type of belongings. You want to mark boxes where your fragile items are. The best way would be to put a sticker on all sides of the box. This way both you and your movers will know when to be extra careful.