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Moving tends to be one of the best things we do for ourselves in our lifetime. You are moving to a new home, possibly your forever home, you’re financially stable, and the rest of your life is waiting for you. Even though moving is such an amazing step to take, it isn’t as fun as it may seem. This doesn’t mean that it’s horrifying or terrible, just that you might need to invest a bit more energy into moving than you imagined. And what really makes your move is choosing the right movers. That’s why our moving and Storage NYC professionals have decided to share tips on how to compare Manhattan moving companies. Hiring a moving company is the best way to make a move easier for you and your family. But, how do you go about choosing the one that’s best for you? Luckily, we’ve got the right tips to follow for easier relocation. After all, we know everything about moving and about moving companies.

Ask for a moving quote

When searching for the right commercial movers Manhattan, be sure to ask for moving quotes. You go online, and find a few companies that seem promising, so what is the next step? Asking for a free moving quote! This way you’ll be able to compare Manhattan moving companies and their prices. What you need to look out for is just how transparent their pricing is. If they send you an eyeballed moving quote with no additional explanations, you should probably search for a different moving company.

Additionally, when you get your moving quote, it is best to ask if it covers all of the costs. There tend to be hidden costs during a move, but a truly professional moving company won’t need to hide these from you. The moving company that gives you a straightforward quotation is likely the one that will suit your needs best.

A mover checking on the moving boxes
Get a moving estimate from several moving companies.

The movers need to be trained professionals

Moving companies should have a team of moving experts and professionals that justifies their pricing. So, even if you were to pay a bit above average for your movers, you need to know that they are the best professionals out there. This would mean finding movers that are experienced in the market. For example, Manhattan residential movers who’ve been in the business for 10+ years are likely some of the biggest professionals. Just imagine the experience and skills gained through all those years.

This doesn’t automatically mean that younger companies aren’t as competent. You will really need to put in some effort while searching for the best possible Manhattan moving company. Check out some of the offerings and deals these companies have lined up for you. You can usually tell how serious and committed people are from talking to them. So, be sure to contact your moving company via phone or even go there in person. Also, true professionals will be able to provide you with their license, certification, and proper receipts for your purchase of their service. That’s another amazing way to check if your company is reliable.

A reliable moving company's van
Reliable movers will be more than glad to showcase their credentials. They have nothing to hide and want to win you over!

Compare Manhattan moving companies’ online reviews

Another amazing way to compare Manhattan moving companies is to see their online reviews. Choosing between all of the various moving companies Manhattan can pose an issue. The tricky thing about relying on reviews is that a certain number of them tends to be fake. Not in every company, mind you. Search for some relevant experiences of people who hired the company. This means searching for extensive reviews, ones you can confidently say a real person posted. They will likely detail their moving process and make decision-making so much easier for you.

If you see a few negative reviews, don’t get immediately discouraged. It’s a good sign if the company keeps some negative reviews on its page. That means they are aiming for authenticity and transparency. Pay attention, though, to how these companies respond to negative reviews. You will be able to tell a lot about their customer service this way.

Narrow your choices and start getting in touch

After you’ve analyzed the reviews, it’s time to narrow your choice of local movers Manhattan. Once you’ve established around 4-5 moving companies that seem professional and legitimate, start calling them. Even if the reviews seem promising, you still need to check for yourself. When talking to various representatives of each company, you will get a feel of how they treat their potential customers. Feel free to ask questions relating to their credibility, licensing, experience, services they offer, insurance, and whatever else interests you. If you’ve got in contact with someone professional who is ready to provide the answers you need, then you’re in luck!

Ask for even the smallest details of the moving process. You want to know what’s in store. A reliable company will be open to explaining everything from start to finish. They can recognize how hard it is to move and how much value this information has to you. So, when you’re completely satisfied with their answers, you can gradually make your final choice.

A woman talking on the phone, trying to compare Manhattan moving companies
Estimating the kindness and information customer support gives you is the best way to see how they will treat you during the moving process.

See what services each of the Manhattan moving companies offer

You’ve narrowed your choice as much as possible, and you’ve got your moving estimate. Now you need to focus on the services you need and whether your chosen moving company can provide them. For example, they may be just a local moving company and you’re moving long-distance. You might need packing services, storage space, or something similar. Your final chosen company has to check all the boxes you need! And now that you know how to compare Manhattan moving companies, you’re ready to start researching. Good luck, and remember, never settle for less!