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The age-old question of whether to buy or rent in Manhattan is as prevalent today as it always was. When you think of NYC and Manhattan, some of the first things that come to mind are expensive and luxury. Not many people can afford to live in the heart of it all, Manhattan. But, Manhattan is famously beautiful and offers amazing everyday amenities. NYC is considered one of the most expensive places to rent or buy homes. The median price of rent is around $3,600 per month, but in Manhattan, it’s even higher. Buying vs. renting in Manhattan – which is the right way to go? We at moving and storage NYC will share our thoughts and you can be the final judge.

Buying vs. renting in Manhattan – what to think of while deciding

Time and money are the two main things that will affect your decision. When it comes to time, what you should think about is whether this apartment is a place you see yourself in 5, 10, or 15 years. There is no point in buying an apartment if it’s just okay or if you’re already planning on selling it and buying a new one. Also, if you want to have a family in 5-10 years, you might need a bigger apartment. If you want to move in with your significant other for example, skip on the studio apartment.

NYC skyline
Buy an apartment in NYC if you are planning to settle down.

Do you know all of the costs associated with owning property?

If you think cashing out and buying an apartment is the most money you need, you are mistaken. Unfortunately, there are many costs that need to be covered monthly. You need to think of utility bills, and maybe you can benefit from asking in advance how high they are. If they are too expensive, there is no point in buying this property and then going bankrupt due to the bills. Be realistic and you will find the right place for you. Some of the hidden costs when buying an apartment are property taxes, maintenance fees (usually monthly), and any additional charges. This includes paying for anything that breaks, either repairing it or even replacing it if it flat out dies.

Before you run to hire Manhattan residential movers, think it through. Money can pose a serious problem if you haven’t already been saving upfront. The issue is that many potential sellers require you put in a downpayment of 20% before even agreeing to sell you the property. For example, your dream apartment costs $720,000. This is quite the number on its own, but with a mortgage or a loan from the bank, it is manageable in time. But, the problem arises when the seller asks for $144,000 upfront. Not a lot of people have that kind of money just lying around. Also, this won’t be the only cost, you’re looking at tens of thousands of dollars more when it comes to closing costs.

A key in a lock
Buying an apartment comes with additional costs, so you need to be informed about it.

Your local movers Manhattan aren’t going anywhere! So, take your time and really think it through. Take into account the current world economic situation as well. It is very likely that prices of everything, including apartments are about to rise astronomically. In some places, they already are.

At this time, renting is the way to go

The NYC sales market has recovered after the pandemic and prices are not spiking, but rent prices are getting higher, as well as moving companies Manhattan prices. Due to the new world situation in the East of Europe, a market crash is expected at a future, undetermined date. It’s overall an extremely unpredictable time for any kind of investment. If you’re a lover of cryptocurrencies you might have noticed the chaos going on there as well. All things money and property-related are going through various ups and downs. You can never know if the price will stay down or spike up, though, and this is the problem.

So, even though rent prices are getting higher, it’s still wiser to rent. If you’re not in a hurry, wait out a few years, and the perfect buying opportunity will present itself. Not only that but renting in this modern world is so much easier and pays off more than buying in the long run. All of the maintenance costs, buying new things, replacing the others – your landlord will take care of it!

A woman writing a note while packing
For now, renting is the better bet. But, you can always slowly save the money to buy a property in the future.

Why is renting still the better option?

Everyone living in Manhattan has had the buying vs. renting in Manhattan dilemma at least once in their life. Say you have the apartment you want to buy, but it’s a bit more expensive than your budget allows. A lot of future NYC buyers choose the place they want to be theirs and start collecting the money. You can create a strategy, plan out when you’ll have the money ready, and let your real estate agent make a deal with the seller. Not every seller will make a deal though, but it never hurts to try.

If you end up buying a smaller, but cheaper apartment you might run into some issues. The apartment is not the one you want, you might outgrow it quickly. When the time comes to buy the next apartment you might not be able to find a buyer on short notice. Many of these things are out of your hands. Closing costs are a big problem because both seller and buyer pay them and they can get quite pricy. We would suggest that you direct your commercial movers NYC toward your rental and save up the money for your dream apartment. The question of buying vs. renting in Manhattan is everchanging. Be sure to follow the market, get informed, and ask various people you come across. You never know who will provide you with the information you need.