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      There are many stressfull things that happen throughout life and one of the more stressful of those things is moving to a new place. Especially it is a case if you are facing a sudden decision or  if you are not able to do it on your own…

      Have you started to think about how and where to start with packing your home up and preparing for your move? Where are you going to store all the materials prior your move? What type of packing materials will you need? Where do you purchase packing materials from? Relax, with Teddy Moving & Storage Team you are in safe paws!

      Successful move always starts off with a good pre-pack

      Is your time limited when it comes to packing before you move home? Or you are worried you won’t adequately pack you fragile items to make sure they arrive safely? Trying to find a way to pack your furniture and belongings before your move is often a diffucult and very time-consuming process. There is so much to organise as quickly as possible, it can turn packing/unpacking into a nightmare. Luckily, Teddy Moving Team is here to help with our full packing and unpacking services – Teddy Gold TM Service – that is addition to our moving service.

      So, what is White Gloves Service? By singing up for this type of service it implies that you literally don’t have to lift a finger. We pack, move and then we completely unpack your belonings and arrange your funiture in your new home. We place your kitchenware back into cupboards, fill the fridge, fold the linen setup the wardrobes and make the beds… everything is done from start to finish. No, you are not dreaming.

      You don’t want just anyone going through and packing up your personal belongings. We understand, which is why all of our professional staff have undergone extensive 4 week training in all aspects of packing, moving and unpacking. Our packers are reliable and trustworthy, handling every item with care. Your fragile and expensive belongings are to be packed in packing paper used for addtional protection. Every box is to be clearly labeled with its contents and marked with dedicated room title, which helps to quickly an easily unpack once the items arrive in your new home. Our professional can dismantle beds, furniture and any other items that may need disassembeling before the move for safe arrival at your new home.

      Furthemore, our expert packers are always prompt and arrive on time, with full supply of packing materials as well as strong and sturdy boxes and tubs. With the care we take when packing your belongings, you have one less thing to worry about, knowing that your belongings will safely arrive at your new home. Teddy Moving Team have a vast experience in the packing of fine crystal, porcelain and china, likewise, we guarantee your expensive artwork will be handeled with utmost care, using only the very best materials, to ensure no damage is sustained in moving process. For special items, we will provide special protection – creating both cardboard and wooden crates. We have special purpose made materials and equipment, so you can be sure that we will look after everything, from your glass and chinaware to a grandfather clock or a grand piano. Teddy team work together on a daily basis and have a common objective in mind, which is to move our clients in caring and thoughtful manner, ensuring that every aspect of a move has been considered.

      Wheather is a local move or crosscountry move, Teddy Move and Storage understand that there is much planning and organising when contemplting the major transition of moving house or office. The Teddy Movers and storage can design a personalised moving package to suit any client, factoring in budgets, time restraints and special requirements. Our good name is reflected in our professional management team and highly trained and experienced movers and packing staff.

      Teddy GOLD ™ Service

      Teddy GOLD™  is designated for relocation of luxurios furniture or delicate packing/unpacking services. Teddy Moving & Storage Management will be in direct contact with VIP client during the whole process, while showcasing elite experience in both Consulting aspect initialy and Operations aspect during the actual move day.

      We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and offering a complete range of removals packing options is part of this commitment. Our range of services include:

      • Complete move packing and unpacking
      • Fragile packing for delicate or large items
      • Supply of materials for clients to perform the packing themselves
      • Specialised crating services for precious or fragile items
      • We treat your belongings with the same care and attention we would our own.

      Protecting your possessions

      When moving with Teddy Moving & Storage, you can be sure that your valued possessions are going to be carefully handled and protected to the world’s highest standards. At your old and new home, our teams use a range of specialist materials to protect floors, staircases, doors and other vulnerable areas of your home.


      After moving into new your new home, the last thing you feel like doing is unpacking everything. Before you know it, as you return to a normal routine, weeks or even months can pass by with piles of boxes still needing unpacking. While most people don’t give unpacking second thought, consequently it can actually be the most daunting part of moving. Teddy Moving offers unpacking services to speed up the process and help you settle in and make your house become home as soon as possible. This can be all done on the same day that you move in! As soon as movers start unloading your furniture and items, we get to work. Kick back and relax, de-stress and admire your new home. We are stickler for detail, so excpect to feel like you’ve lived in your new home for months and not hours once we are done.

      For moving peace of mind, choose Teddy Moving and Storage to ensure that:

      • Your belongings will be moved with care
      • Your belongings will be moved with trust
      • Your belongings will be moved stress-free
      • Your belongings will be moved safely
      • Your belongings will be moved affordably

      Our packing and unpacking services save you time. You can get on with rest of your move, knowing that your packing and unpacking is safely under control.


      Looking to relocate? We can be #MakingMoves together!

      With Teddy Moving and Storage Movers, our quote is a guaranteed price.
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