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Budgetary constraints often play a role when deciding between hiring professional movers or opting for some form of a self-service move. Putting the full stress of the relocation all on your shoulders, does not necessarily mean it’s the cheaper option, whether it’s your time, money, or piece of mind- you’re likely being swindled into the belief that “doing it yourself” is easier.

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  • Potential parking tickets and violations you might receive by renting a moving truck;
    If you rent a truck, or hire a mover or two to help, there are so many additional fees and time constraints. They are often overbooked, late to get to you, and bound to throw off your schedule. There’s fees often incurred if they take longer to move you, whereas flat-rate guarantees no surprises as to what your final price will be.
  • There are a plethora of planning logistics behind any move, meeting required cut off times by buildings management, insurance, etc.
  • If you’re packing it yourself, you’re missing out on the professional experience and equipment required to ensure your items are kept safe and you’ll likely rack up some hefty losses. Professional movers guarantee the full protection of each furniture piece with heavy duty blankets and/or plastic wrapping underneath as well as best practices for all delicate items.
  • Packing boxes, yourself is sure to cause problems as well, as improperly packed items are at much higher risk of damage if they’re not packed by professional packers. When you decide to pack and move your own stuff, please note that the liability for anything that is broken falls to you, since items are not packed by professionals. However, if the movers break or lose anything, our Feedback Team will handle the claim for you.
  • Complicated handling of items (armoires, pianos, artwork pieces which require wooden crating) must be performed by moving professionals as it requires significant industry skill and hard work.

In theory, moving is a simple task, relocating the items from point A to point B – however, there is a lot to be taken into consideration. Your move can be stressful experience if you are on your own. Hiring a professional moving company for the full service means you have the time and energy for so much more and it is worth putting your faith in our team. There are several cost effective ways that professional movers will work with you to give you a solid piece of mind as well as having the support of the Feedback Team to handle any questions or claims that you’re met with along the way.

Our Moving Consultants understand the importance of their job description, and you’ll feel that on your first interaction with us – we provide our clients with details into the full scope of what the moving process entails, guiding you through the moving process and finding the best service option for you based on your requirements, budget, and time frame. The Teddy Moving Team are all fully trained professional movers and are here to give you the white glove service you deserve.

So be decisive when it comes to your move. Understand that there are ways to cut cost without cutting into your piece of mind. Speak with a Teddy Moving and Storage consultant to go over your inventory list and from there, you’ll receive guaranteed pricing and reliable movers to ensure there are no surprises or hidden costs on the day of the move. Teddy Moving Team is the number 1 moving option in NYC for a reason, let us make this your best move yet!

Relax, you are in good paws! #MakingMoves